autochess chess pieces pool rule 8 facts introduction


The 8 facts you must know about Dota AutoChess chess pool rule:

1.Dota AutoChess System provides 5 optional heroes for free each round,  Players can choose whether to buy or not, according to their own money.

2.Dota AutoChess Player can spend 2 gold to reroll 5 chess pieces.

3.Dota AutoChess Players can reroll any number of times in a round until the gold is used up .

4.The higher  player’s level, the higher chance to rerolled high-gold chess pieces.At the same time,fewer opportunities to get low gold chess pieces.

5.All Dota AutoChess players will draw chess pieces from a limited public pool.If someone choosed a chess from the pool ,the rest of players cannot find this chess piece again.

6.If someone loses, his chess pieces will be recycled and re-entered into the chess piece pool.Other Dota AutoChess players have a chance to pick them up again.

7.Reroll chess pieces are not completely random.It has a certain relevance to your existing card. From a game design perspective, this kind of design will enhance the game players` fun.

8.When you reach a high level, it is difficult to draw a low-gold chess piece.So in the later round, it is difficult for you to synthesize a 3 stars one gold hero like ENCHANTRESS.


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