Dota autochess interface function introduction

The entire game interface has 6 functional areas.

Then we will explain each function one by one.

1、Chess selection area

Chess selection area have 3 functional parts,the biggest part is chess piece slection area which have every chess piece`s brief introduction and price, click one chess piece you will buy it.

The second part is random button,click it you will spent 2 gold to drawing the next 5 random chess pieces.

The third part is lock button. click it  the existing pieces in the right side chess selection area will be saved to the next round for you to continue buying.

2、Information area

Information area have 5 functional parts.

The first part is Chess selection area fold button which click can hide and show Chess selection area.


The second part is Battle information area which will tell you Which stage of the game is being and Which enemy to fight against.


The third part is time information  which will tell you how long has the game been played


The forth is chess number information which will tell you how much chess pieces you can placed on the board .



The last one is gold information which will tell you how many gold coins do you have now.

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