Dota Autochess introduction: How do I earn gold? And what is interest?

Dota Autochess can draw new chess piece and reroll chess piece and bue EXP by using Gold ,the most expensive chess piece`s price even reached 5 gold.  so it’s one of the key resources in the game.

In Dota Autochess Game ,Player can earn new gold through:

1.     In the first three rounds can get 2/3/4 Gold, then you receive 5 Gold automatically each round.
2.    You will receive 1 gold to defeat an opponent
3.    You will receive up to 3 gold for winning or losing series
4.    10% interest on your current gold (maximum 5 gold)
5.     When you recycle chess pieces you can recycling gold.

Tip:    Anyone playing Dota Autochess Game quickly realizes that the 10 percent interest on existing gold balances is extremely tempting. Therefore, many players try to save only 50 gold to earn the  interest. More than 5 gold from interest are not possible. The maximum amount of gold that you can accumulate in Dota Auto Chess is 100 gold.

Another tactic is the bonuses for series: It can also be a tactic to collect many losing round gold .

In any case, it makes sense to sell unused Chesses. Because the gold in the account brings interest, parked chess pieces not. Recyling 1-Star Chesses you get back the full Gold value, Recyling 2-Star Chesses just recycling you 2 1-star Chess gold , 3-Star Chesses 2 2-star Chess gold.

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