what is AutoChess game?

The Autochess game is an 8-player PvP game mode in DotA 2, based on an 8 by 8 board,where the individual chess pieces are DotA 2 heroes.

Each round, each player gets a random set of heroes (usual 5 optional heros) from a limited pool , buy and places them to palyer`s own board  (4 by 8).

Fight the unusual creeps in the first three rounds and then play against other players (every 5 rounds against unusual creeps again).Winning the victory of against creeps will get the equipment reward.Equipment can enhance the ability of the Chess.

If a player loses the battle, he loses 1 health from each enemy hero left on the board (or 2 or 3 if the enemy hero is strong). When only one player is still standing, the game is over and the player is win.


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