Dota Autochess latest Warrior class strategy

Basic chess pieces:

6 Warrior,  Troll Warlord,Lycan,Axe,Juggernaut,Tusk,Kunkka

Other pieces: Shadow Shaman,Disruptor

when you get this 6 chess pieces , you get 2 BEAST,  2 ORC,2 Human, and 6 warrior which you all chess pieces  can have 15 additional armor and 10% additional attack .Other than this, you 2 Human can disarm target and your Axe and Juggernaut can have 250 addition health.

If you can drawed these chess pieces in the first ten rounds,You can get more winning streak in the next ten rounds.

when you can have 7 chess pieces, This is the first choice to draw Shadow Shaman. Because it can give your Troll Warlord 30% additional attack speed.

when you can have 8 chess pieces,I suggest you choose to place Disruptor to I suggest you choose to place it to limit the opponent’s abiliity.

Next, If the enemy’s defense is strong, try to find Enigma or KOTL.If the enemy’s mage abillity is strong ,try to find  another Disruptor .

Usually,Troll Warlord will be the It will be your core chess piece, The two stars Troll Warlord  is already very powerful.but If you can’t find enough 1 star Troll Warlord to go to upgrade,You can also choose Juggernaut as your core chess piece.


1-10 rounds: Find these chess pieces as much as possible.

11-20 rounds: Based on the first 10 rounds,  Save gold as much as possible to 50 , so you can have 5 benefit each round. Then continue searching more chess piece to upgrade your all Warrior pieces to 2 stars try your best.

21-30 rounds: continue searching Shadow Shaman,Disruptor,Kunkka and upgrade your at least one chess piece to 3star.

31-40 rounds: IF you have completed the above tasks, auto win .Congratulations!


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