Dota Auto chess January 19 updated:Russian added for test

Russian added fot test, we`ll try to make it better.

You will only have 50% of original chance to battle with the one for you last round.

FPS and Ping optimized(try our best to).

Damage stat show only after the whole battle this round.

A button added.

Crystal Maiden remade, she`ll recharge for allies per 3s for mana(amount equal to last version)

Decorate some chess, to become more pretty

ALL 3 star druids get a level -1

Troll`s combo of attack speed bonus increased from 30 to 35

Warrior`s combo of armor bonus decreased from 8 to 7

Jugg`s cd increased from 10s to 12s

Sniper`s casting poing decreased from 2s to 1s

Drow Ranger`s attack speed increased by 0.2

QOP`s scream range decreased from 475 to 425

Beast Master`s cd increased from 6s to 7s

Fix bug of SK(may not fixed)

Fix the forward direction of chesses

Fix Abaddon`s +5 hps bug


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