Dota Auto chess January 26 updated:add 3 new chesses

Dota Auto chess had a update in January 26

new update

-Pure damage of demon’s combo are now exactly 50%.
-TB’s armor decreased from 10 to 5
-Tiny’s attack damage increased by 10
-Mage’s combo adjusted from 40%/40% to 50%/30% (3 Mages deals more damage while 6 Mages nearly the same)


old update






3 new hero chesses

-Opponent searching remade.
-New Chess: Morphling(Element/Assassin)
-New Chess: TerrorBlade(Demon/ DemonHunter)
-New Chess: Tiny(Element/Warrior)(!Important—The tree will disappear after picked.)
-Element combo remade: 30% chance to turn attacker into stone for 3s when attacked by melee chesses.
-(2) DemonHunter Combo added: All ally demons keep their power.
-Demon Combo remade: Deal 50% extra pure damage to its target.
-Mage Combo adjusted from 30/50 to 40/40
-Warrior Combo adjusted to (3)(6)(9) Warriors, armor+6/+8/+10
-Elf Combo adjusted to (3)(6) Elfs, chance +25%/+25°/〇
-Treant Protector’s cd increased from 5s to 7s, damage/absortion decreased to 30/45/60
-Lina’s cd decresed by 2s.
-The clock ticks in the last 5s to remind.

Disruptor has got the prize of least wins in all chesses recently.
-Its cd decreased from 20s to 15s/12s/9s and radius increased by 50, damage increased by 100/200/300

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